10 Amazing Mom's Who Prove That There's Always Room For Fitness

Mothers play an important role by inspiring their kids to remain fit and healthy.  When we are infants mothers take care of us themselves but as we grow we learn to be dependent on ourselves. However, a mom can never leave her kids alone. She will do anything if it is in the good of her kids. Aweganics present the story of some amazing mom who transformed themselves for the sake of their kids.

Story of The Inspiring Mom’s

Sarah: A mom of two Sarah was wearing size 6 and had quite a belly. That was the time she was in quite a stress and was recovering from brain surgery. She took up a training program that allowed her to choose suitable workouts for her. As a result she lost 20 pounds of her weight and 6 inches of her belly, went down to size 2, and today she is capable of making 50 pushups in a row. Her mantra: never miss a workout schedule, keep a variety of exercises, and most important believe that you can make it happen.

Tiffany Hatfield: 30 is not old age. But when you continuously remain sick and tired at such a tender age even, you look like 50. Tiffany was experiencing this. Finally, she got sick of all this, and in 2013, she realized she wanted to be someone who could look after her family, and should be cared for. On joining a training program she exercised during her workout sessions as religiously as she could. In a three year period she had lost 60 pounds. She was not carrying the fat along with her anymore. 

Vanessa Garcia: At an age of 22, Vanessa had a very unhealthy lifestyle, weight 164 pounds, and fat 32%. It was in the days when she was going through her pregnancy that she noticed her knees and decided to change her lifestyle. All the junk food she had been eating vanished from her life. She accompanied this with exercises and reading about women who shared their experiences on various websites. Her willingness to change and the inspiration she got from others helped her lose 41 pounds and 50% of the fat she had at the beginning of the pregnancy. 

  • Becky: Becky has proved herself to be an incredible mom. She had medical issues regarding the use of her legs. However, her training program helped her lose 50 pounds of weight and 50% fat as well. She is happy due to that and the fact that she can now do more for her kids. No breaks in weightlifting, and a healthy natural diet consumed after freezing only helped her become strong enough. 

  • Crystal: Lost 115 pounds and 8 sizes. She knew that the weight she gained over all the years will never go away overnight. With this in mind she always made herself ready for another round of exercises. 

  • Aimee: Aimee lost 85 pounds and went down from size 16 to Size 2-4. She joined a training program but did not see results. However, she made another attempt, and yet another one. The results started to show finally. Today she is lifting heavy weights.

  • Samantha Bowman: With 174 pounds and 34% fat, Samantha knew she was in trouble. She could say a goodbye forever to fashions. No exercise, no yoga for Samantha. Only advice from a colleague helped her. He offered her a plan by which to go about daily. In 10 months she had lost 40 pounds weight and 22% fat. 

  • Jody: The training program she joined helped her down 70 pounds. She tried killing weight at home but was unsuccessful. At the gym, accompanied by others, she took up challenges, and overcame them. She set deadlines to achieve a target step by step and eventually gained what she wanted.

  • Akanksha Gupta: She used to eat what came her way and ended up in the heavy-weight category. It was then that she gave up all fast-food, and switched to a nutritious diet. She has lost around 2 stone. 

  • Ashley Campos: An Army vet, and mother of two, she decided to change her lifestyle in 2014. It didn’t take her an year even and she was 80 pounds down. IN her second pregnancy, she gained only 1/3rd of the weight she gained in the first one.

Let’s Summarize

Mom’s are the best source of inspiration for their kids. The above stories are examples of such mom’s who besides performing all their motherly duties have kept themselves fit. Let’s salute these mothers this Mother’s Day.

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