10 Amazing Tips to adopt to care for your hair at home.

Today, tomorrow and in the future, healthy hair is no doubt an add on to your personality and provide a ravishing look to your personality. But most of the people suffer from hair issues such as bad texture or hair falling. Well, the reason is a well-known fact that is our unhealthy living style and the less attention to hair care.

When you ask for healthy hair tips, many people will advise a variety of products like shampoo, conditioners, and oils. You try some but, nothing is working out. If such is the case with you, then visit our website at aweganics and get some tips for maintaining healthy, long, and shining hairs.

The hair solutions we provide are very natural and have no harmful effect on the original texture and color of your hair. It is observed that the mother’s formula to keep your hair healthy is regular oiling and proper conditioning. A new trend of taking g regular hair spa is recommended by the hairstylists.

Before you go to a hairstylist and get ready to spend a handsome amount of dollars for a hair treatment, let’s discover 10 amazing tips that you can easily adopt at home for hair care:

  1. It's a healthy sign to lose a small bunch of hair while combing hair so doesn't panic when you see a small bunch crawling across your tiled floor.

  2. Comb wet hair with extreme care because they're fragile and prone to breakage. Take a broad toothed comb and comb them gently from roots till the end.

  3. A hair care tip is to trim your hair to maintain healthy hair every few weeks to get rid of those brown and rough split ends. Cut about 1/4th an inch of your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid the split ends that will help you maintain the good condition of hair.

  4. Another hair solution is to avoid washing your hair every day and whenever you do, apply some conditioner on the ends. Try and use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner.

  5. To maintain the texture of your hair for life long, you must rinse the conditioner with cold water as it is good for both strength and shine.

  6. There are different types of hair shampoos available in the market containing sulphate in varied quantities. For some people, sulphate suits the scalp and hairs and for some, it doesn’t. if it irritates your eyes then stop using the brand and switch to a shampoo that is made up of natural products.

  7. Dying and coloring your hair is the next trending thing that we see in the market. We don’t suggest to not at all try it but take the advice of a hairstylist to know the type of coloring and dye which will suit to you. After the consultation , you can use these products but not very frequently as they cause dryness. You can rinse your hair with brewed chamomile tea after you wash them with shampoo or add honey to the water you use to wash your hair.
  1. Avoid using a dryer every time after hair wash. The dryer weakens the roots of the hair and regular use results in a hair fall.

  2. For rebounding and smoothening, take branded hair solutions after a consultation from a hairstylist. After the rebounding it becomes vital that you take care of the roots and scalp by regularly oiling, using natural products for nourishment like egg, coconut butter, curd, and so on.

  3. For small hair problems, home remedies act as a quick fix. You always don’t have to run for a costly hair solution for this. Use customized combs and don’t do too much styling of hair to maintain their long life and original texture.


Haircare is essential. You can’t take it lightly. Oiling, good conditioning, eating healthy food, maintaining the nutrition level by using natural products are some of the common easy tips which everybody can follow.  One of the universal rules to tailor the beauty of your hair is to keep eating healthy food and keep exploring new tips on our website for easy to follow hair care tips.

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