10 Habits to Adopt Right Now for Seriously Healthy Hair.

Adopting healthy habits may have been a long term goal for almost all of us. Possibly it is something we have just accomplished or are struggling for it. Since our childhood, we have been guided by our elders to inculcate healthy hair habits in our lives. But do we really have been able to balance those healthy habits in our everyday lives? Well most of us today have been struggling with hair fall, hair loss, less volume in the hair, dull hair, and so on.

We need to focus on the multitude of factors affecting our natural sleek, shiny, and strong hair. We must avoid the biggest hair care mistakes and start healthy habits right now to live the healthiest life forever. Best detangler sea salt hair sprays, mild shampoos, smoothing conditioners are some of the things that can help us maintain healthy hair habits.

Let us learn the top 10 Habits to Adopt Right Now in order to keep hair healthy, shiny and strong.

1 Go for Regular Haircuts

All hair experts recommend stopping avoiding the salon as it can make a counterproductive impact on growing out your hair. When you avoid salon, your hair ends start splitting and drying, so, in that case, you can’t expect healthy hair growth. In short, regular haircuts are important to stop split ends or breakage. Hair specialists always suggest having a trim every 6 to 8 weeks in order to maintain healthy hair growth.

2 Minimize the usage of Hot Tools 

In case you are using a hot blow dryer every day after hair wash, then, listen, don’t use the dryer on the hair for quite a while. Keep it moving towards a cooler setting too as well as lower its speed in between. A little more care and time will definitely benefit you. If you intend to step out to spend your weekend at a sunny beach and plan to straighten or curl your hair with a hot tool, make sure you use the best detangler sea salt hair spray. It will create a protective layer of essential oils and maintain the salinity as ocean salt water beforehand. Also, it will add great volume, beachy texture, and natural waves to your hair on your beach-side holiday this summer. 

3 Be Natural as Often as possible

Sometimes your hair too needs complete rest from all that it suffers during the week. A renowned dermatologist in New York prescribes utilizing the weekend to recuperate your hair. If possible, let your hair air dry in natural air, stay away from heat hair styling things and keep it out of a braid or tight headband to maintain a strategic distance from any pointless pulling on the hair and scalp. As such, in some cases, you simply need to let your hair free and let them be with nature’s breeze as they want.

4 Follow Healthy Eating Habits

One of the most important factors to adopt healthy hair habits is a balanced diet. We all must understand that our hair requires enough protein as they are the building blocks of hair. Hair is categorized as a non-essential tissue, so, eventually, the body focuses more on essential organs instead of sending protein to hair follicles first. However, if we eat enough balanced foods, the body will then be able to distribute protein to every organ as and when required. Another crucial supplement that hair requires is iron. Iron is an essential energy source as well as a mineral that hair requires to prevent patterned hair loss which is usually found in women today due to deficiency of iron.

5 Consider your scalp too

In case you're continually scratching your head because of itchiness and dryness, and even good shampoos aren't working, then you must not overlook it. Consult a doctor or dermatologist immediately as constant itching can damage your scalp. A chronic itch could be traumatized if you find it hard to work or if itch marks become sore.

6 Deep Conditions Every Week

This one is another healthy hair habit that both dermatologists and hair care specialists recommend. Inculcate a deep hair conditioning habit into your hair care regime. Try to use enough time at your weekends to do thorough hair massage with good hair oil for extra hydration. You can even try deep-conditioning masks for available today for each hair type.

7 Avoid Scalding Hot Showers

Indeed, it feels truly amazing to have a hot shower after a long hectic day, particularly in winter. But scaling hot showers can take a toll on your hair health. In fact, it dries your hair out and for some, it washes out hair color quicker than cold water. While a cold shower probably won't even sound ideal. So, go for lukewarm water to take shower as it’s better for your hair as well as for your skin.

8 Avoid Over-Brushing 

Hair brushing is also a healthy hair care habit, but over-brushing is another form of hair damage that you should avoid. Excessive brushing could stretch out your hair and leads to weak ends. So, try to brush once a day only and go for a plastic brush as bristle brushes can particularly be tough for hair.

9 Use hair care products according to the weather

You must swap your hair care products as per the weather. In the winter, your hair care items should be hydrating and moisturizing, yet in the summer, you should most likely switch to something lighter that won't burden hair in the warmth and humidity.

10 Protect Scalp with Hats

As summer 2020 is around the corner, the sun starts oxidizing your hair and dries it out. So, whenever you step out, try to protect your scalp by wearing a hat. It will protect your scalp from dehydration as well as from a sunburn. This is also a good excuse to make you charming with a cool sun cap.



Now as we have made you aware of the top 10 healthy hair habits to be adopted right now to have a healthy hair. So why don’t you adopt them ASAP? If we’ve missed out on any other healthy hair habit, let us know in the comments. We would love to add them to our list.

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