10 Most Romantic Real Life Valentine’s Day Stories

Valentine’s day is an occasion on which everybody is spending quality time with their loved ones and spreading love in the atmosphere. Everyone tries to make the day memorable by planning something good with their loved ones. Every couple has a loving memory of this day that is cherished for years. Everyone has their plans for this day and one surely tries to give surprises to their partners to make the day special for both. This in turn creates a lot of stories that are worth sharing with the audience.

Stories related to Valentine’s day are very interesting to read and some can give you a great idea for your next valentine’s day. If you want to read such stories you can find loads on Aweganics life. Who knows, you get a clear idea of some surprise that you can give your partner. Below are some real-life experiences of Valentine’s day which are great stories to read.

10 Romantic Real-Life Valentine’s day Stories You Cannot Miss Out

A Surprise Vacation In Greece

It was Valentine’s day and my partner wasn’t aware of any plans at all. I took her randomly to a place near the airport and tried my best that it seemed like an outing to her. Although, I had the passport of both of us in my bag. After a while, I told her about the plan and she was surprised like never before. We had an amazing vacation and due to this, it became our best Valentine’s day memory which is worth sharing.

Reasons Why I Am Loved

Valentine’s day is special but that year I wasn’t expecting any surprise or outing as my boyfriend had an employment problem going on. Surprisingly, I was loaded with memories that I am dying to share with you. He decided to write down several reasons why he was madly falling for me more and more. I was awestruck at this moment. I still have those reasons with me and I plan to keep them with me forever.

A Sudden Visit

My girlfriend was living in a different town, a few hours away from my town and that year I made her expect nothing. I cleared her that this year I wouldn’t make it to her place for making the day special. However, I decided to take a day off from work and drove to her town where I already planned a surprise with her friends. I decorated her place and decided to surprise her with gifts when she would return from her classes.

A Romantic Novel

I have a girlfriend who is a reading freak and she is more interested to read novels of the romantic genre. On last valentine’s day, I decided to surprise her by gifting a self-written novel that has our love story. I planned the date to make this even more special. After we had lunch, I gifted the novel which had 150 pages of our love and memories we shared. My girlfriend was dead after the surprise and she read the whole novel, the next day itself.

A Surprise Comic Book

When I was in high school, me and my boyfriend and I were always excited for Valentine’s day but neither of us had the financial freedom of loading each other with surprises and planning surprise dates. However, on one of our Valentine’s day, he gifted me a novel and it was a bit of a surprise for me as he wasn’t into writing at all. When I asked him about the comic, he told me that he got the same illustration by our classmate who loved this thing. When I went through the comic, I liked it and was left a bit amazed by this gesture.

A New Stereo Set

I wanted to do something unique and wanted to gift her something that she needed. After a lot of thinking went down, I came with a unique idea and executed it perfectly. I went to her home and borrowed her car to get the oil-filled before we left for our date site. Then, I got a new stereo set installed in her car as she had to drive regularly and had an ordinary player before.

Beer was all I needed

I am a beer person and I had a favorite one and did not consider any other variant. Unfortunately, the brand discontinued the supply on tap in my town. My boyfriend was aware of this and he surprised me with a 24-beer crate which was the best thing to gift me on Valentine’s day.

My Childhood Dream Got Fulfilled

After I had completed two years with my boyfriend, the valentine’s day that followed became the most special one for us. On the day, he took me along with him to a place which I always dreamed of going to. It was the Rainforest café.

A Simple Gift Is All That Is Needed

It was my first Valentine’s day with my now-husband, then-boyfriend and I decided to give him a soft toy that resembled a hippo. I gave that because his eyebrows resembled my boyfriend’s. Now, after so many years, he still cares for it.

The Most Special Surprise

On Valentine’s day that fell next to our wedding, I received the best surprise of my life. My husband and I were on a hill station where we had a small fight the night before Valentine’s day. On the night of valentine’s day, he surprised me with several fireflies that he had caught and placed in our room. It was the most special feeling, given that I had never seen a firefly.

If you are also planning something for your loved ones on your Valentine’s day, you can think of a surprise by taking ideas from the above-mentioned stories. Also, one can simply read them and share them with the loved ones.

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