10 Superfoods to Eat for healthy hair

Home therapies aren’t the most popular choices when it comes to caring for your hair but they are definitely the ones that should be the number 1 choice. Among such therapies, there are many techniques that involve putting on stuff directly on your hair. Even though they might work we know people don’t really enjoy doing that so we have a better idea- 

Why don’t we simply single out some particular foods that can help keep our hair in a good condition? 

So here is a list of foods that you can include in your diet to make sure you have healthy hair growth.


Eggs are known to be one of the easiest foods to cook. They make for a quick and tasty meal and they’re loaded with some of the most important nutrients for hair - protein, and biotin. 

Protein is responsible for hair growth and thus a lack of this nutrient may result in hair fall. 

Biotin is also an important nutrient that is required for healthy hair growth. You may have heard of keratin in shampoos and conditioners. Biotin is required for the natural production of keratin. Thus the eggs in the morning make much more than just a tasty meal, they are also a good friend to your hair! 


For good hair growth, you need to make sure that you have a healthy scalp. Think of the scalp like the soil and our hair as plants. If the soil is not healthy we will not be able to get a healthy plant. 

The fish salmon, a delicacy in many countries, is filled with omega-3 fatty acids that help our scalp become healthy enough to support a good flock of hair. People with a dry scalp often find themselves deficient in omega-3 fatty acids.


The famous guacamole comes from avocados which is a fruit that is known to promote hair growth. Hair growth is directly related to vitamin E which can be found in abundance in avocados. 

A lot of people are known to take vitamin E supplements in capsules and scientists are trying very hard to infuse shampoos with vitamin E but it does not have the same effect as consuming it. Thus simply taking a diet that has a good amount of avocados in it might just be a perfect alternative to pills.


Remember Popeye The Sailor Man? It was a famous cartoon for kids which promoted the benefits of spinach, unlike anything. It depicted that spinach gave Popeye immense strength but it did not show that spinach is in fact a very healthy food for the scalp too. 

Loaded with Iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C, it helps keep the scalp produce sebum. Sebum is something like oil that helps keep the scalp moisturized. This in turn helps prevent hair loss.

The iron in spinach also helps accelerate hair growth in a healthy way. Deficiency in iron has been known to lead to many health problems and also hair loss.

Sweet Peppers

Sweet peppers, also known as bell peppers, are an amazing source of vitamin C, which we know is just plain magic for our hair in terms of hair growth.

According to experts at Aweganics, many people are under the false idea that oranges have a high concentration of vitamin C, when in fact yellow bell peppers have almost 5 times the vitamin C as oranges.

You must have heard about collagen, the substance that is known to help hair gain strength. Studies have shown that grey hair is also linked to the absence of collagen.

We have also read about sebum, which is produced with the help of vitamin A, which is also present in good quantities in sweet peppers.


Beans are quite the cheap option for a protein source. Lots of people who look for a high protein diet go for beans in their meals. Apart from providing the muscle-building component, beans are also an excellent source of zinc, iron, biotin, and folate. 

While protein helps in hair growth, zinc is responsible for repairing damaged hair and again, making hair growth better.

Since it is easy to add beans to your meal they are a very good option for your healthy hair growth.


Oysters are not everyone’s favorite. The foul-smelling delicacy is food that needs people to develop a taste for it. Once you do you would realize that apart from providing the mature taste oysters are also responsible for repairing damaged hair.

A condition called telogen effluvium is a kind of hair loss disease that is caused due to the deficiency of zinc in the diet. A steady intake of a zinc-rich diet can lead to recovery of the damaged hair and can reverse the effects of the disease. 

There are many people who believe in taking pills and other medications for hair loss. A majority of these people have no idea that there are some superfoods that can easily replace these medications and give you healthy hair in a natural way. You can incorporate these in your diet depending on the quality of your hair to achieve the desired results.

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