11 Habits to adopt right now for nourishing hair!

The health and length of your hair go hand in hand. If you focus on keeping your hair healthy the length will naturally come. Who doesn’t dream of having shiny, nourished, and
healthy hair but most of your everyday care practices can end up weakening your hair. Aweganics bring you 11 super simple habits that can help your locks grow healthy and strong –

  • Know what your hair needs
  • It is perhaps the most important and basic thing that is often skipped – know the gorgeous locks that you were born with. There are clashing opinions on how to treat your hair but eventually, it comes down to what it needs. 

  • Choose your routine according to your hair type and texture. 
  • Take as an example a person with oily hair may need to shampoo every day while a person with dry hair may need it in a reduced frequency.
  • Use products that benefit you
  • No amount of emphasis is enough on choosing the right kind of products to maintain healthy hair. 

    • Look for a shampoo that is customized to your hair type and focuses on the hair problems that you have. 
    • Keep in mind that a single product is not suitable for all seasons, so switch things up. Use hydrating and moisturizing products in winters and go for something lighter in summer when the weather is hot and humid.
  • Deep conditioning and using ready made or homemade masks is the key
    • Conditioning locks the moisture in your hair and keeps it nourished and healthy. You can choose to deep condition your hair once a week for that extra dose of hydration. 
    • Weekly use of a hair mask moisturizes and repairs your hair from heat damage. Take your pick from a range of all-natural options from Aweganics to deep condition your hair.
  • Pump up your diet with beneficial nutrients
  • A well-balanced diet is also important for a healthy scalp and healthy hair

    • Protein is the main building block of your hair, so make sure to incorporate a good amount of that in your diet. 
    • Increasing the amount of omega-3 will help in improving your scalp health. 
    • Boost your water intake as it helps to retain moisture.
  • Go au naturel frequently
  • Let your hair chill a little bit on weekends. 

    • Whenever you have a chance, skip on the hair products and styling. Go natural with your and let it air dry instead of using a blow dryer. 
    • Don’t use any styling tools or products. 
    • Avoid tying your hair in a ponytail or a bun. Just let it rest for a while because it endures a lot.
  • Scalp health is equally important 
  • The health of your scalp is equally important as your long locks. A healthy scalp will lead to healthier hair so don't neglect it. 

    • Exfoliate your scalp to remove the dirt and grime that gets stuck and clogs your follicles. Exfoliation helps with the blood flow and makes a huge difference in your hair growth. 
    • If you have constant dryness or itchiness in your scalp it would benefit you to consult a specialist and get proper treatment.
  • Right hairbrush and hair ties
    • Just like one solution can't solve all problems, similarly, one hairbrush may not be suitable for all hair types. Don't choose a generic brush; instead, go for something suitable for your hair type. Brushes that detangle your hair without causing a lot of damage are the best fit. 
    • Avoid over-brushing your hair as it stretches and breaks the weaker ends. 
    • Elastic hair ties can damage your hair, switching to a scrunchie will create a visible difference. These are gentle on your hair and decrease the amount of tension on your hair strands which prevents them from breaking down the middle.
  • Protect your hair from heat
    • Extreme exposure to heat can cause the moisture of your hair to strip down and can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Nourishing hair whilst you are styling it with heat is advised to protect it from damage. 
    • Use heat protection products if you have to necessarily style your hair with hot tools for professional purposes. 
    • Avoid taking scalding hot showers as it dries out your hair and any artificial coloring in the hair fades faster. 
    • If you are washing your hair with hot water make sure that you finish off with cold water. Doing this closes your cuticle and gives a smoother and shinier look to your healthy hair. 
  • Go sulfate-free
    • Shampoos that contain sulfate create a lot of lather which can be good for oily hair types but can also strip off the moisture from your hair. This makes your hair dry and encourages your scalp to produce more natural oils to cut the damage which means that you will have to wash your hair more often. 
    • Sulfate shampoos can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Switch to a healthier sulfate-free or natural option to maintain your thick, luscious and healthy hair. Choose from the range of sulfate-free natural products offered by Aweganics.
  • Be gentle to your locks
    • Don't be rough when you are getting those tangles out. Use gentle and soft strokes of your brush and start from the very end working your way upwards when you are detangling your hair.  
    • Sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid breakage. Avoid putting your hair in high ponytails because it creates a lot of tension and your hair can break easily. 
    • Before you go to bed, prepare your hair by tying it in a low ponytail to minimize damage when you sleep. 
    • Don't touch your hair too much because constant tugging can slowly weaken the hair.
  • Getting a trim once in a while helps too
    • It is the basic rule of thumb when it comes to hair care to get it trimmed regularly. This helps to remove the damaged hair and the split ends and allows for better hair growth. 
    • Regular haircuts or trims ensure that there is minimal damage to your hair and you can get those dream lengths you want.
    Want luscious and healthy hair? Incorporate these simple and easy to develop habits in your hair care routine to get that healthy and nourishing hair.

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