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Your hair is probably the most important thing to you. You take care of them and follow the haircare routine to make sure they stay strong, shiny and bouncy. People have different ways in which they care for their hair. There isn’t a solitary method of taking care of them as every person has a different hair type. A lot also depends on the type of skin they have, what they do on a daily basis, what their diet is and so on. 

Thus when it comes to hair oils there is no winner amongst them as all oils have different qualities that help with different hair types of hair. You are supposed to choose from the variety of oils by taking into account the type of hair you have.

Let’s go through some of the most common and trusted types of oil for your hair that you will come across.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is extracted from the jojoba plant. Amusingly it’s pronounced as “ho-ho-ba”. The oil mimics the effects of sebum which is the oil that is naturally produced by our scalp, thus jojoba oil is considered one of the best for our hair. 

Filled with antibacterial and moisturizing qualities, these hair oils are very healthy for the hair follicles. There are a lot of companies that sell jojoba oil but make sure to use only the unrefined and natural jojoba oil. It will be the best against problems like dry skin, dandruff and dull hair.

The best way to apply this oil is to massage it to your scalp and then leave it for around half an hour. Or you could also mix a little bit with your conditioner to have an extra bounce and shine along with the other benefits.

Almond Oil

You all must have heard of almond oil being mentioned in cooking practices but it is also a famous hair oil. You might think that the whole almond we eat excretes the oil but it is not so. The kernels inside the almonds are responsible for producing it. Filled with Vitamin E, fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, and magnesium almond oil is an excellent friend to your hair. Basically, almond oil strengthens your hair and accelerates hair growth. A lot of people face problems like slow hair growth and hair loss due to inadequate minerals and vitamins in their diet. Using almond oil can cure hair problems. 

One has to use this oil on a regular basis for proper effects. Before applying the oil you can also warm it a little for better results. Slowly massage it onto the roots and leave it overnight. You can wake up the next morning and shampoo your hair.

Olive Oil

Another oil that is used for cooking is surprisingly a very good oil for your hair as well. Extracted by pressing olives, this oil has some magical qualities for the hair that makes it so valuable. Experts at Aweganics Naturals explain that Olive oil is surprisingly efficient at fighting dandruff and is a very good oil for the preservation of keratin. It is by far a much more organic and healthier way to keep your hair smooth and shiny. Thus it is best if you face issues like dry hair, dandruff and frizzy hair. Of course, regular use is a necessity to let these positive effects come to the forefront.

You must have also heard about the benefits of extra virgin olive oil. It is basically full of antioxidants and does not contain any added chemicals.

It’s best to use olive oil once a week. The best way to use it is to use a shower cap or a towel to cover your hair for half an hour after applying it. You don’t need to apply a lot of it either. A little amount for a thin coat may be mixed with a little lemon juice should do the trick. Make sure to shampoo your hair properly once you’re done. Might not even need to use a conditioner after this treatment.

Coconut Oil

A very common hair oil, coconut oil is extracted from, obviously, coconuts. The fatty acids present abundantly in the oil help it to penetrate deep into the scalp. It doesn’t evaporate that easily either so the carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy scalp and hair get absorbed much more efficiently by the skin.

Known to be one of the best types of hair oils in many cultures and countries it is available in many forms. It is available as refined, unrefined and extra virgin. 

Coconut oil is solid when it is at room temperature and needs to be heated to get it into liquid form. It’s important for people with an oily scalp to avoid massaging on the scalp as the oil is quite thick and can produce complications. On the other hand, people with a dry scalp can go all the way.

Lavender Oil

Known to facilitate the growth of hair follicles, lavender oil is considered an essential oil for good reason. Extracted from the lavender flowers it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which are ideal for fighting dandruff. It obviously also helps with hair fall as the roots are helped to grow much deeper in the scalp after prolonged use. Interestingly people also link lavender oil to stress reduction. Stress reduction, in turn, results in lesser hair fall and thus it is a win-win situation.

It’s best to use lavender oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. The proportion for the carrier oil should be abundant compared to the lavender oil. For example, 10 drops of lavender oil are supposed to mix with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. You can leave it overnight and shampoo it once you wake up.

Hair oils are essential if you are facing issues with your hair. Almost all issues related to the hair like hair fall, frizzy hair, dandruff, thin hair, and so on can be cured by suitable hair oil. You can probably say that such oils are best friends to your hair that simply can not be replaced.

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