7 Tips to Create a Healthy Hair Regimen

"Men and women find themselves bombarded with opinions, treatment therapies and weird suggestions at times but they fail to find the missing piece of the puzzle in all of it".

What's the secret recipe to keep your hair healthy? It's the one question that has perplexed us more than finding the ultimate purpose of life on this planet. Eating habits are the first line of defense to grow and protect healthy hair.

Before we set in the quest of finding a perfect combination of eating and living habits, there are a few precautionary measures that would strengthen the cause of shining, glamorous hair.

A) Watching strands of hair, between 100 and 150, run through the drainage system as you wash hair is considered normal for the growth cycle. So, stop worrying and start living the beauty of shining hair.

B) Using different brands of shampoo and conditioner doesn't make much sense and could complicate things. Experts believe you should avoid washing hair daily. Using a conditioner is good practice.

C) The presence of sulfur could make things worse. It washes off the natural oils, leaving the hair quality thin and head scalp itchy in some cases.

1. Hair Health and Constructive Outlook

The debate over chemical-based and natural hair care products isn't going to get over soon. You can learn and draw some wisdom from it. You need to look for 'Damage repair' shampoo products. Look out for the ones with proteins in them. The idea is to know which products to buy and the reasons behind it, the nature of ingredients and advanced measures to protect hair.

2. The Role of Conditioners and Deep Conditioning

Buying the same-brand shampoo and conditioner would help you witness exceptional results. A conditioner plays a vital role in strengthening the hair against breakage damage, brings softness, retains moistures and colors. Deep conditioning is about applying an extra amount of conditioner and keeping it on for anything between half-an-hour and an hour. You'll enjoy smoother hair than you feel on any other day of the week.

3. Weekly Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatment keeps the follicles healthy. It stops the thinning of hair during old age. The cleaning part does the trick as there's no blockage or unnecessary layers on the scalp. Industry experts believe a quick fix is to use a dandruff-based shampoo to clean the hair follicles, even if you don't have dandruff.

4. Treat Your Hair with No-Routine Weekend Hair Treatment

The weekend break is for the mind and body. Your hair deserves a break too. You should keep it open and drop any plans to stylize your hair using natural or other products to allow them time to heal.

5. Wear a Hat to Protect the Scalp, Hair Dehydration

Women should think of buying a hat to protect the hair from dehydration, scalp burning. How many times do we feel the wrath of nature either by playing an ignorant or skip taking the preventive measures thinking it wouldn't affect us much?

6. Buy Season-Based Hair Products

Buying seasonal hair care products is again the kind of approach women need to take to ensure they don't miss an opportunity to protect hair from unwanted damage. It's easier to think such intense detailing isn't required, but it's what you need to keep healthy hair.

7. Essential Oils and Hair Growth

Peppermint oil is highly beneficial for a healthy scalp. Jojoba oil is effective in improving hair growth speed. Men and women need to give natural products a shot. Aweganics life is one such brand making constant efforts to bring the benefits of natural products to masses.


Our age, diet, and health play a crucial role in hair growth and hair strength. We've got an opportunity to improve hair growth by maintaining a healthy diet routine. Men and women should focus on eating foods high in proteins, iron-rich items than taking them in the form of supplements. Aweganics life promotes a healthy lifestyle. Eggs, for example, are highly recommendable. They've got protein and biotin. You may have heard of biotin supplements at some point. You should include Soybeans, beans, shrimps, nuts, oysters, berries, spinach to your diet plan. Our eating habits would, in turn, inspire the living habits to focus on making healthy choices as a part of overall growth.

















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