Aweganics Premium Organic Essential Oils Featured On Today Show

Bug bites are a common problem whenever you enjoy any outdoor activity. They can cause discomfort to most people and become severe if remained untreated. Apart from cream products that are not hard to find on the market, there are some essential oils that can help soothe the pain and nourish the skin. They are proven to be rather safe if used properly because of their package of natural ingredients.

Aweganics provides premium organic essential oils that can be used for various purposes like bug spray, skin care, aroma therapy, air freshener etc. Recently, Aweganics Best Selling Organic Citronella Oil and Orange Essential Oil were featured on the Today Show as the most popular organic essential oils to keep bugs away and provides best aromatherapy for your home. They were featured as the “Deal of the Day” on Today Show with a 40% discount price. Within 24 hours, Aweganics Essential oils were sold out. Essential Oils of Aweganics with 40% discount – is just amazing!!!

Organic Citronella Essential Oil

This is one of the most commonly used properties of citronella essential oil, as it kills and keeps away insects. It has been found particularly effective on a species of mosquito, lice, body and head louse, and fleas.

Get Organic Citronella Essential Oil Now

“This stuff smells absolutely amazing! I love that it is an organic product. I have used it when going outside to attempt to repel bugs and it seems to do a decent job of that…….I would definitely recommend this product if you enjoy the scent of citronella……!” – Clobern (Amazon customer)

Organic Orange Essential Oil

Most people have dozens of different cleaners and household pesticides under their kitchen sink. Did you know that Orange Oil can do almost all of their jobs? Orange Oil is hands down the most versatile product for those seeking a natural remedy over a chemical. This must have cleaner is also a great insecticide and can even be used to make herbicides!

Get Organic Orange Essential Oil Now

“Great smelling and flows well throughout the house. 5 drops per 150ml seems to be plenty. We can get 1-30ml bottle to last 2 weeks, and trust me, my kids stink! Lol. Great product. I would recommend.” – ZAC (Amazon customer)

Aweganics is a premium essential oil brand that provides 100% Pure, Natural, and Organic Essential Oils. Aweganics Essential Oils are USDA certified, so no confusion about the quality of the products.

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