Five Women Body Transformation Stories - Fitness Motivation

Around the globe, we find people running to doctors or gyms so that they can reduce the extra fat that has accumulated in their body. This fat can cause diverse problems relating to our health as our age progresses. Keeping fit has always been the mantra to smart and healthy life. However, it is a path difficult to tread until one has some inspiration or motivation from somebody else. Fitness motivation can come from anybody be it a man or a woman. When it comes to women's motivation, they are capable of finding it from within by asking questions to themselves as well as challenging themselves. It is the stories of such women that inspire one to transform from fat to fit. Here we unfold the fables of such women who challenged themselves and became a source of inspiration for others.

The Inspiring Women

Tiffany Hatfield: Tiffany was always sick and tired even at the young age of 30. It was in 2013 that she got sick of herself and wanted to be somebody else.  She resolved to get rid of the body fat that was hampering her development as a smart and fit girl. Once she got into it, she stuck to the exercises that she was told to do. In three years she lost 60 pounds and 12% body fat. Today you need to see and believe her to experience the change that she has gone through by walking 4 miles daily and eating nothing else but nutritious diet.

Katie Anne Rutherford: At age 19, Katie weighed 175 pounds and had 25% fat. She started exercising and restricting her diet to take part in track competitions. She wanted to be the fastest on the track. It was this need that fueled her desire to lose both weight and fat. The first week she won the NPC class, the next in line was the powerlifting meet, and finally she won the pro card in a national championship. She had lost 30pounds and 17% fat in a matter of 4 years. She is an extraordinary example of someone who can sacrifice anything to achieve her desires.

Samantha Bowman: When loose jeans when fitting tight on her, Samantha knew there was a problem. At 47 she was weighing 174 pounds and had 34% fat. She knew that if she let it go now, it would be goodbye to fashion and malls. She didn’t take on yoga or other exercises but heard what one of her co-workers advised. He started training her and in 10 months, Samantha was looking younger down with 40 pounds and 22%fat. She suggests going according to a plan that suits you to remain fit.

Vanessa Garcia: Vanessa had a very unhealthy lifestyle owing to which she put on 164 pounds at a tender age of 22. When she got pregnant, she decided to change all this by committing herself to a healthier diet. The day she saw her knees during her pregnancy was the moment that changed her lifestyle. She changed her diet, and started exercises. Some women who shared their transformations on various sites also inspired her.  Today she weighs 123 pounds and has lost 50% of her initial fat (down from 32% to 16%).

Akanksha Gupta: With a lot of fast food, no exercises, and ready meals had Akanksha putting on a lot of weight. When she started to seriously think of her body as her own, she changed the mindset altogether. She terms fast food as “bad food” now. She restricted all such food from her diet. Even at own wedding, she didn’t go for any kind of dessert. Since then Akanksha has lost 2. Stone (around 16 Kilograms.). In addition, she has gained a lot in confidence and strength.

Let’s Wrap It Up

It’s not the weight that matters. It’s the confidence that one loses due to weight gain. Women who take the initiative to put themselves into shape actually gain confidence to do what they want to. One needs to have the spirit to do it, and then no hurdles befall your way. Keeping in shape not only boosts confidence, it provides you with a healthy body as well.

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