Health benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil extracted from Tea tree, is one of the most extensively researched oils in the world. It can be used for several purposes, including keeping your skin, nails, and hair healthy. It is one of the most versatile and powerful essential oil.

Here is the list of health benefits Tea Tree Essential Oil offers:

#1 Antiseptic

Tea Tree Essential Oil can be a great preventative or a first aid choice as it is an excellent antiseptic. Apply Tea Tree Essential Oil directly to the cuts, boils, sores, wounds, burns, including insect bites to protect them from further infections. It can be compared to a good antibiotic without any of their adverse side effects.

#2 Antibacterial

Tea Tree Essential Oil can be used to fight against bacterial and fungal infections. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight against eczema and nail fungus. 

tea tree essential Oil

#3 Skin

Tea Tree Essential Oil is an excellent treatment for acne. It is as effective as benzyl peroxide, but without the diverse side effects. It can be used to treat minor wounds also.

#4 Foot Odor

Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of the best oil that has aromatic properties. The aromatic blend help to reduce sweatiness, fight odor, and leave your feet fresh and clean.

#5 Hair

Tea tree essential oil has proven to be very effective for the health of both your scalp and hair. It is just the miracle cure to the itchy and flaky scalp. If you are having a dry scalp, using it with your shampoo may help reduce this symptom. Also, it can be helpful to eliminate dandruff from your scalp and make your scalp healthy and hair strong.

#6 Makeup remover

Tea tree essential oil is a natural remover too. To remove makeup off your face, mix and blend tea tree oil with natural olive oil and apply the solution to your face. Use a cotton ball to saturate the solution. 

#7 Healing

Tea Tree Oil has cicatrizant property that aids in the faster healing of wounds. It also helps to neutralize the scar marks and other spots left by acne, pox or boils.

#8 Ringworm

The anti-fungal property of tea tree essential oil is very effective for treating ringworm and preventing it from spreading. You can clean any private area of your body that is infected by any fungal infections and prevent it from further spreading.

Besides these health benefits listed above, Tea Tree Essential Oil can also help to reduce blood pressure, treats head lice and relieves pains, help sleeping disorders and other major health issues.

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