How to use Essential Oils


Essential oils are your gateway to a healthy, clean life, so you should learn how to use them to get the maximum benefit from your purchase! There are a few things to remember when it comes to getting the most out of your oil:


Essential oils contain the most powerful natural ingredients available, and you should not use too much of it at first. Start small and ease your way into using larger amounts once you get used to the strength of the oil.


The strength and concentration of essential oils means that you will have to dilute your oils in a carrier oil before you will be able to use them safely. Use a high-quality cold pressed vegetable oil for best results.

The recommended dilution ratio for essential oils is 2% for adults and 1% for children, elderly, and pregnant women. There is no reason to go above 3% dilution when making your oils.

A rough guideline for dilution is:

  • 1% dilution: approximately 6 drops essential oil per ounce of carrier oil
  • 2% dilution: approximately 12 drops essential oil per ounce of carrier oil
  • 3% dilution: approximately 18 drops essential oil per ounce of carrier oil

These are rough measurements that are by no means scientific. Use caution and remember that less is more when it comes to essential oil!


Some oils such as lavender oils can be safely applied and absorbed directly through your skin. Make sure to dilute the oil thoroughly as the strength of undiluted oil can be very irritating to your skin. The most effective way to apply the oil is through reflexology (massage) into the feet or shoulders.


Get healthier just by breathing! Put your oil into a burner, vapor diffuser, or mix it with candle wax to give your home a clean, healthy, personalized scent.


The strength of Aweganics oils means that we do not recommend ingesting our essential oils directly.


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