Top 5 Things That You Do Not Know Are Damaging Your Hair

Having healthy and shiny hair is every person's dream. But, unfortunately, many of us unknowingly damage our hair with habits that are deeply rooted in our daily routines. From tying your hair too tight to using the wrong products, these five things might be damaging your mane without you even knowing it! Read on to find out what they are and how you can make sure that your locks stay looking their best.


Heat styling tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling wands sound great, but they can be significantly damaging to your hair if used too often. Your hair can suffer from being overheated, which in turn causes excessive combing resulting in damaged strands that are brittle and prone to breakage. If you're inside with a hot tool every other day, now might be the time to take notice of the consequences this will have on the overall health of your hair. Ultimately, limiting your use of a hot tool is essential for preserving the integrity of your locks and using a heat protectant product before styling is key. Documented studies have even shown that formulating advice such as avoiding twice daily heat styling has done wonders for certain individuals when applied correctly!

Not Using the Right Products

Many of us fall into the trap of using products that are not ideal for our hair type or texture. This can completely destroy any hopes for achieving healthy tresses! Such products strip away essential oils and compromise your mane's sheen, leaving it looking dull, flat – nothing close to radiant. It is really important to stop, step back and evaluate what shampoo products out there will give you the smooth and sleek locks your heart desires. What works wonders on one’s hair may be catastrophic on yours, so it’s sensible to pick a set of shampoo and conditioner best tailored towards your own exquisite locks. The key lies in finding the right formula matched specially with all unique needs of your mane!

Tight Hairstyles

Instead of going for those super tight and cumbersome hairstyles, like pinning up the hair into a bun or a ponytail, why not opt for softer options? Braids and twists are great options, since they help conserve natural oils and prevent stress on the hair shaft. Plus, they outlast other hairstyles such as ponytails in terms of timelessness - they're always fashionable! With these styles, you can gather your locks together while making sure to keep them safe from breakage. Overall, they will put less strain on the strands, which is something that everyone with gorgeous thick hair should take into account.

Not Trimming Regularly

Split ends can be considered a surefire sign of damaged hair. Notoriously difficult to tame, they are usually caused by a range of heat styling tools as well from chemical treatments such as dying and bleaching. Many seek to keep split ends at bay but feel trepidation around the idea of regular trims. But fear not, an essential clock that all should pay attention to is the rate of trimming their locks in the safe zone; which lies between six to eight weeks! This time frame helps avoid split ends and on the contrary promotes healthier hair instead.

Using Too Much Product

Getting it wrong when it comes to hair product usage can lead to rather unpleasant beauty dilemmas! Product buildup is the result of excessive usage, which then has a knock on effect to leave your hair feeling heavy, clogged and greasy. As gorgeously healthy looking locks will not anymore remain a reality when suffering from product build up, it is best to steer clear and reduce application. Stick to only applying it onto sections of the hair that may be dry or frizzy, such as either the split ends or roots and remember – if you are going for light yet impactful maintenance steps less is more!

To Conclude

Taking care of your hair doesn't have to be complicated. By following these five simple tips, you can keep your locks looking and feeling healthy for years to come. You can use some effective and safe hair care products to enhance your hair health. Remember that when it comes to heat styling tools, products, hairstyles and trims – less is more! Keep yourself informed about the latest trends but don’t let them take over your natural beauty routine; stick with what works best for you and your mane will thank you in return! With a little effort and dedication, anyone can achieve beautiful tresses so start taking better care of yours today!

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