Certified Organic Essential Oils


Aweganics essential oils is one of the few oils on the market that is actually government certified. All Aweganics products are certified by a National Organic Program (NOP) accredited agent. We are dedicated to creating a clean and sustainable product in order to help protect the sustainability of our environment.


Owning 100% natural essential oils means that you will have the healthiest, cleanest fragrances possible. It only makes sense for a natural, healthy home care product to be completely organic! When you buy a product from Aweganics, you are doing your part to help conserve our natural resources and reduce pollution from the essential oil manufacturing industry.


In order to qualify for organic certification, our oil needs to meet certain standards:

  • NO GMOs: Genetically modified seeds (Genetically Modified Organisms) are not allowed in the creation of certified organic products.
  • CLEAN ORGANIC SOILS: The land that the ingredients are grown on must not have been treated with artificial pesticides or fertilizer for at least 3 years.
  • NO HARMFUL PESTICIDES OR CHEMICALS: All materials and ingredients cannot be grown without chemical pest controls and must be managed through physical or biological means.
  • ORGANIC FROM START TO FINISH: Organic seeds and materials must be used during every step of the manufacturing process and must not have come in contact with equipment that was used in processing non-organic products.

At Aweganics, we are committed to offering only the best and cleanest possible oils for our customers. We support all conservation efforts and environmental initiatives to make sure that we are all living in the cleanest possible world for years to come.

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