Top 10 Hair Care routine for Healthy and Bouncy hair

Having a healthy and bouncy hair is the dream of every girl. Due to an increase in pollution and change in season, it is difficult to maintain them. Women these days are experiencing more hair problems than before. Most of them think that the spa is the only way to rejuvenate the hair, which is not true. Using the right products on the hair will make a significant difference. It would be best if you will use organic and chemical-free products. Let us delve deeper into top haircare regiments that will make your hair look bouncy and healthy :

  • Wash a little less: It is often said that the more you wash your hair, the drier they will become. Cleaning every day will obstruct the formation of natural oils on hair. You will come across more split ends than before.
  • Oil the hair regularly: If you want to make your hair look bouncy and shiny, apply oil on your hair. Try to apply the oil on the damp hair after you get out of the shower. Alternatively, If you want them to look glossy, you can use hair oil on wet hair.
  • Sleep on silk: Not many people know that sleeping on a cotton or Flannel pillow cover can cause severe damage to your hair. It would be best to replace your covers with silk material. By doing this, your hair will be smooth, and detangling them won’t be a hassle for you.
  • Swap your shampoo with a cleansing conditioner: You can eradicate dust, dirt, and oil from your hair by washing them regularly. If the ingredients in the shampoo form lather, then it will make your hair lifeless. You can try using shampoo manufactured by Aweganics as it will make your hair look as they used to be earlier. You can also use a cleansing conditioner to wash your hair instead of using shampoo to reduce dryness.
  • Choose the right brush: Choosing the right brush will bring a great difference to your hair. Don’t invest in a rough brush. You can also buy a brush made of boar hair as it will distribute natural oils to the hair, and the hair will be shinier than before.
  • Don’t deep condition overnight: Deep conditioning is a blessing in disguise as it adds moisture to the hair and makes it look soft and shinning. Try not to leave the conditioner overnight as you will come across greasy and flat. Also, keep a count of the time as deep conditioning should not be extended beyond the duration.
  • Dry hair cautiously: After washing the hair, avoid using a towel as it will make the hair appear rough. Although your hair will dry up quickly, you might experience more hair breakage and fall in the years to come. You can dry them by patting.
  • Avoid using so many products: People who are fond of changing the looks frequently apply different hair products. These products don't have immediate side effects but can result in serious hair problems in the future. Try not to use bottled hair products on your hair. Before using any product that you came across through a TV commercial, have a word with your dermatologist as different products give different results on the hair.
  • Wash using cold water: Coldwater is suitable for your hair. Coldwater doesn’t mean that it should be freezing. Use water at room temperature. Experts recommend that one can shampoo his hair using warm water and condition it using the cold one.
  • Use suitable hair masks: You can enhance the volume and make the hair look shinning using hair masks. You can apply them as per your hair type and the hair issues you are going through as they are an effective way to get rid of them.


Try these hair regiments and make your hair long, strong, and healthy. You can try organic products that have no chemical additions in them. Even if you are not putting up much, make up your hair will make you look glamorous in a natural way. Get ready to receive compliments from your loved ones for your fantastic hair by taking good care of them.


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