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Best SLS free shampoo for dry hair!

Ever wondered why sulfate-free shampoos are trending nowadays? Look at any product that you use from toothpaste to soap and you will see that they all contain sulfate in them. Sulfate is responsible for the production of foam in these products. Sulfates help in cleaning dirt and oil out of the hair when combined with water making it feel fresh and soft.

Aweganics Premium Organic Best Selling Organic Patchouli Oil and Peppermint oils Featured On Today Show

Aweganics Organic Patchouli Oil and Peppermint Oils were featured on the Today Show as one of the most popular natural essential oils to create a peaceful, relaxing environment and provide the best aromatherapy for your home. These USDA approved natural essential oils were featured as the “Deal of the Day” on Today Show with a 40% discount.

6 Best Organic Essential Oils for Insect Repellent and DIY Bug Spray to keep Mosquitoes Away

Spring and summer are a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the things you love: gardening, walks, picnics, and bug bites. I'll bet that last one isn't really on your list. Want to know what you can do to keep the pests away without using chemical laden products? Try essential oil blends and herbal repellents! 

Aweganics Premium Organic Essential Oils Featured On Today Show

Aweganics provides premium organic essential oils that can be used for various purposes like bug spray, skin care, aroma therapy, air freshener etc. Recently, Aweganics Best Selling Organic Citronella Oil and Orange Essential Oil were featured on the Today Show as the most popular organic essential oils to keep bugs away and provides best aromatherapy for your home.

Best Organic Tea Tree Oil & Cedarwood Oil seen on the Today Show

Aweganics Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil and Cedarwood Essential Oil were featured on the Today Show as the best selling organic essential oils. They were featured as the “Deal of the Day” on Today Show with a 40 % discount price. Essential Oils of Aweganics with 40% discount – is just amazing. People grabbed the offer with their both hands.

Best Essential Oils for Bath

Aromatic herbs and essential oils have been used since ancient times in religious rites, as perfumes, cosmetics, and for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. We have the written proof that various herbs and essential oils made from herbs and trees have many health benefits without any side effects.

Best Essential Oils for Skin

Remember that not all essential oils have equal benefits. Before we talk about essential oils for skin care, you should know a few things to remember when purchasing the best essential oils for skin. This is especially important when using a product or oil to put on your skin.

Aweganics Premium Organic Essential Oils Featured on Today Show

Aweganics Best Selling Organic Lavender Essential Oil and Lemon Essential Oil were featured on the Today Show as the most popular organic essential oils. It was featured as the “Deal of the Day” on Today Show with a 50% discount price. Within 24 hours, Aweganics Essential oils were sold out.

Health benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil extracted from Tea tree, is one of the most extensively researched oils in the world. It can be used for several purposes, including keeping your skin, nails, and hair healthy. It is one of the most versatile and powerful essential oil.

Health Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

One of the essential sources of natural solutions, orange essential oil is a budget-friendly and effective remedy available on the market.  It should be listed top of your list of natural health solutions.

Health Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil is one of the most popular essential oils which has been traditionally used in various ways. It has many powerful properties that help to keep body system balanced and our immune system strong. You can avail many medical health benefits by using Lemongrass Essential oil.

Health Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil is also known as the Cedar Oil is made up exclusively of organic and pure Cedrus Atlantica. Cedarwood Essential oil is a truly advantageous and anciently popular remedy that can be used to relieve various health symptoms. It has many uses in art, medicine, and perfumery industries, making itself as the most popular health remedy.

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